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Hangzhou China Agrotime Agri-Tech Co., Ltd (China Agrotime) is a leader of modern agriculture in China. We design, manufacture and sale complete agricultural facilities solution for global horticultural and agricultural customers. Main products comprise single-tunnel greenhouse, commercial multi-span greenhouse, butterfly window greenhouse and polycarbonate greenhouse. etc. Moreover, the cooling and heating system, movable bench system and ventilation system, etc. can be provided for matching with various type of greenhouse.

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What is hydroponics Hydroponics, simply defined, is the growing of plants in a water and fertilizer solution containing the necessary nutrients for plant growth. The word was derived from two Greek words, hydro, meaning water, and ponos, meaning labor, or literally, water working. More...

  • [[Hydroponic Plastic Greenhouse]]
  • [[High Tunnel Commercial Greenhouse]]
  • [[Cucumber Plastic Greenhouse]]
  • [[Auto Window Plastic Greenhouse]]
  • [[Roof Ventilation Plastic Greenhouse]]
  • [[Single Tunnel Plastic Greenhouse]]
  • [[Multi Span Polycabonate Greenhouse]]
  • [[Benching System]]


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